The new season of the Serie A is in full swing, and the Bianco-Neri have already managed to sign the main transfer targets of the new season.

The main acquisition of the summer was the acquisition of defender Danilo Dier, who was previously with the Milan team. The player has signed a contract with the club until June 2020, and will be able to make a significant contribution to the team.
The Bianco Neri have already started to train the new acquisition, and already have a good idea of how he will be used. The young defender is a good ball handler, and has a good understanding with the forwards. He is also able to use the ball in different ways, and is able to quickly get into position to make important interceptions.
This is exactly what the team needs, because the Bianconeri are a team that are able to score a lot of goals, but have a difficult time in the defense. The team needs to be able not only to score, but also to defend, and Dier will be an important addition to the defense of the club.
All Serie A live scores
The Serie A livescore is an interesting event that can be followed from the comfort of your home. The Serie A has always been a favorite of the fans, and this season the Bianconi have managed to keep their positions in the standings.
However, the team is still not able to compete with the leaders of the championship, and it is still too early to say that the season will end with the victory of Juventus.
In the Serie, the Biancons have a number of problems, which can be the cause of the team’s poor results. The main one is the lack of motivation, which is clearly visible in the team’s games.
Moreover, the club has not managed to find a suitable replacement for the injured De Ligt. The fact that the player has not been able to play for the team for a long time is another problem that the team has.
Another problem is the bad form of the main star of the squad, who is the subject of a transfer ban. The ban is due to the fact that he is accused of an assault.
Despite the fact the ban is not as serious as the one for De Ligue 1, it is a serious blow for the club, because it will be extremely difficult to find another player who is able replace the player in the center of the field.
Dier’s performance in Serie A
The defender has already shown that he can be a good addition to a team, and now the Biancone have a lot to work on. The problem is that the club needs to find an effective solution for the player, because he is a key player of the defense, and his absence will be a serious loss for the squad.
It is also worth noting that the new Serie A season is very intense, and there is a high probability that the BianCONes will be in the middle of the standings, which will be very difficult to get out of.
You can always follow the Serie a live scores on the sports statistics website The website offers all the information about the Serie at the moment, and you can always find the latest news on the field, as well as the results of the matches of the teams.
Milan’sthe new coach
The appointment of the coach of the Milan club is a big step forward for the new coach of Juventus, who has been working with the team since the beginning of the season. The appointment of a new coach is a positive sign for the BianConeri, who are now in a good position.
Juventus is in a bad way at the start of the current season, and they have not managed a good result in the first half of the tournament. The club has a number problems, and many of them can be attributed to the bad start of their team. However, the new head coach has already managed a positive result, and he has already started the work on the solution of the problems of the Biancini.
Among the problems that the coach has to solve, the most important are:
1. Lack of motivation. The players have not been playing for a while, and have not had a chance to rest, which has affected the results.
2. Lackadaisical defense.
3. Bad form of De Lillo.
4. Lack in the transfer market.
5. Lack on the development of young players.
6. Lack to find the right coach.
7. Lack knowledge of the Italian football league.
8. Lack experience of the previous head coach.
All this has led to the poor results of Juventus at the beginning. The coach has a lot on his plate, and needs to solve the problems in order to get the results that the fans are looking for.
Livescore today of the EPL
The English Premier League is a very intense tournament, and fans have already seen a number matches that have already left a bad taste in the mouth of the players. The EPL is a competition that is very important for the teams, and each match is a chance for the winner to get a place in the Champions League zone.

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