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The new season of the Spanish La Liga is about to begin, and the main intrigue is the struggle for the champion title. The main contenders for the title are Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico.
However, the main favorites of the new season are Barcelona and Atleti. The Catalans have a good lineup, and they are able to surprise the fans with a good game. The team is also one of the main contenders to win the champion’s title.
Atletico is also a good team, but it has a few problems. First of all, the team is not as strong as Barcelona. The Spanish club is able to win a lot of matches, but the team’ performance is not always good.

The main problem of the team in the new year is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of losing the title. They want to win it back. This is why the team does not show the maximum in the matches.
La Liga results of the teams
The team of Diego Simeone has a good roster, and it is able not only to win, but also to fight for the championship. The club has a great lineup, which is able fight for gold medals.
Barcelona is the main contender for the gold medals of the championship, and its main competitors are:
· Real Madrid;
· Madrid; and
· Atletico Madrid.
Real Madrid is the team that has the best lineup, but its performance in the La Liga matches is not so good. The Madrid team has a lot problems with injuries, which affects the performance of the players.
In the new football season, Atletico is a real contender for gold. The Argentinean team is able win the championship with a strong lineup. The lineup of the club includes:
* Messi;
* Ronaldo;
* Bale;
and others.
This lineup is able compete for the main title of the tournament. The problem of Atletico in the Spanish championship is the fact that it is not able to play with the main rivals of the Madrid team.
Main results of La Liga
The season of La liga has already shown a lot. The teams are fighting for the places in the Champions League zone. The most interesting matches of the season are the matches of Real Madrid versus Barcelona.
Both teams are able fight, but they have their own problems. The first problem is the injury of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player is not the best player, and he is not allowed to participate in the team’s matches. This problem is not only for Real Madrid, but for the whole team. The other problem of Barcelona is the absence of Neymar.
As for the Madrid club, the players are not able play in the first match of the Champions league. The Meringues are not the only team that is not ready for the Champions club tournament.
You can follow the results of all the matches on the website of sports statistics, where the information is updated in real time.
Live football results of matches
The start of the football season is already very interesting. The football fans have a lot to watch, because the matches are held in various parts of the world.
One of the most interesting parts of this season is the Champions tournament. This tournament is held every year, and this year it promises to be very interesting for fans. The tournament is divided into two groups. The best teams of each group will play against each other in the playoffs.
There are a lot interesting matches in the group stage of the playoffs, and here the main competitors of the Meringue are: Barcelona, Juventus, Inter Milan and Real Madrid. The Champions League is also very interesting, because there are a number of interesting matches. The favorites of this tournament are: Liverpool, PSG, Bayern Munich and Manchester City.
It is easy to follow the live football results on the sports statistics website. The information is available in realtime, and you can find it on your computer, mobile phone or tablet.
All the latest news on the Champions trophy
The first matches of this year’ Champions trophy have already shown that the tournament is very interesting and exciting. The matches of Liverpool and PSG have already become the most watched football matches of all time. The fans of the two teams are very interested in the results.
Liverpool is a team that plays with a great line-up. The line-ups of the Merseysides are:·
* Gerrard;
• Sturridge;
And others.
This line- up is able play well in the games of the first group stage. However, the line- ups of the Liverpool team are not so strong. The Liverpool team is a good squad, but there are problems with the injuries of the leaders.
PSG is another team that shows good results. The Parisians have a great roster, which includes:·
* Neymar;
“Lionel Messi”;
These players are able play for the team, and their line-
ups are able compete against the Liverpool line-
Despite the problems of the lineups of Liverpool, the Mersey team is still able to compete for gold trophies.

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