Huge blow for Liverpool as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is ruled out

Huge blow for Liverpool as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is ruled out for the season

Liverpool have lost their leading scorer of the season, the England international Alex Ox. The club is now in a rather difficult position, as it has to replace the player, who has already played for the team for several seasons.
The player is a good finisher, who can be used as a substitute for the main striker. He has already managed to score a few goals, but this is not enough to justify the price of a new contract.
However, the club is not giving up, as the team has the potential to become a real contender for the title. The main problem is the lack of motivation of the players, who are not able to give their all to the team.
In the last season, Liverpool was able to win the Premier League, but the team failed to win gold medals. This is another blow for the club, as they are now in the Champions League zone, which will allow them to fight for the coveted title.
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Liverpool’s chances of winning the Premier league
The team has a long way to go, as there is still a long season ahead. However, the team is in a position to fight against the main contenders for the champion title. For this, it needs to find a new striker, who will replace the one who has left the team, and the club will be able to fight even for the Europa League.
Liverpool has already lost its main striker, and it is now more difficult to find the right replacement. The team has already started to search for the right candidate, who is able to replace Oxlades-Chambers.
Now, the players are trying to find new solutions to the problem of finding a new scorer. For example, they are considering the signing of the Spanish player, but it is not known how serious the club really is in this case.
It is also worth noting that the club has already signed a new goalkeeper, who should help the team to win trophies.
Main problem of the team in the current season
The previous season, it was clear that the team was not able not to lose points, as many of the matches ended in a draw. However this season, there is a big problem with the team’ position in the standings. The problem is that the players have not been able to find their game for a long time, which is another reason for the failure in the transfer market.
Another problem is a lack of good players in the team that can be called a weakness of the club. This season, Klopp’ squad is not able even to take part in the Europa league, as only a few players are able to play in the main tournament.
Moreover, the lack in the squad is a real problem for the Reds, as their main competitors are not in a better shape. The only club that has a better chance of winning is Manchester City, as this team has been playing for several years.
This season, Manchester United is also in a difficult situation, as its main competitor, Liverpool, is not in the best shape. However the team managed to get into the Champions league zone, so it is able not only to fight with the leaders, but also to get a place in the next stage of the tournament. However it is still far from the first round, so the club needs to improve its position in order to fight in the fight for gold medals again.
Where can the team find a replacement for Oxladchamberlain?
The English Premier league is a very difficult league to play, as every team has their own style of playing. The fans of the teams are very demanding, so they want to see the best football players on the field.
Manchester United has a problem with this, as almost all the players leave the club in the offseason. The new players have to be able not just to replace their positions, but to also become a good option for the coach.
Many players are not ready for the Premier ligue, so this is another problem for United. However Klopp� has managed to find his game, so he is able even not to win a trophy.
As a result, the Reds are now fighting for a place at the Europa zone, but they have to find an alternative to the player who has been a mainstay of the lineup for several season.
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The season has already ended, and now it is time to start the new one. The first matches of the new season are already starting, and many clubs are fighting for the place in European competitions.
Among the main favorites of the championship, you should not forget about Manchester United, which has been in the top 4 for several consecutive seasons. The Red Devils are one of the main competitors of Liverpool, and they are ready to fight until the last round.
Despite the fact that the season has ended, the situation in the English championship is not stable, as several teams are fighting to get to the Champions club.

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