Celta Vigo 1-2 Barcelona (Highlights) [Match Report]

Celta Vigo 1-2 Barcelona (Highlights) [Match Report]

Celta has been on the losing streak for quite a long time. The team has not been able to show its full potential and it is now in a difficult situation. The previous season the team won the Primera, but the following year it was kicked out of the Copa del Rey.
Celtas fans are hoping that this year the team will be able to fight for the Champions League. The last time the team was in the Champions league zone was in 1996, when it was defeated by Ajax.
The team’s main problem is the lack of motivation. The players have not been playing for a long period, which is another reason for the team”s problems. The fans are also not very optimistic, because the team has only won the Copas del Rey once in the last five years.
In the current season, the team is not in a good shape, because it is not able to play at the highest level. The main problem of the team in the current campaign is the fact that it is playing against a team that has already won the Champions trophy.

The previous season, Celta lost to Real Madrid, but it was not a real struggle. The game ended in a draw, which was the best result of the tournament. This time, the Catalans are not able not only to fight against Real, but also to win the title.
It is very important for the club to win in the second half of the season, because this will be the final chance to get into the Champions club zone. The Catalans have a good chance of doing this, because they are playing against Real and Barcelona.
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What to Expect from Celta in the Second Half of the Season
The current season is not the best for the Catalons. The club has not won the La Liga for a year, and it has not done well in the international arena.
However, the current crisis has not affected the Catalonian players in the long run. The current season has been a failure for the players, but they have not given up. The following factors can be noted:
1. Good selection of players. The selection of the squad is good, and the team can play with any opponent.
2. Motivation. The season has not ended yet, and now the team members are not in such a bad shape.
3. Experience. The leaders have already won several trophies.
4. Individual skills.
Now, the players have a chance to show their maximum. This will help them to get out of this crisis.
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Live Results of the Catalan Games
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This season, Barcelona has a good lineup. The lineup includes:
* Messi;
* Suarez;
* Busquets;
There is a good selection of leaders, too. This is another good reason for Celta fans to be optimistic.
At the moment, the club is in a bad situation. It is not playing well in La Liga, and this is another problem for the fans. However, the situation in the domestic arena is not so bad, too, because there is a chance that the team may be able not to miss the Champions cup.
If the team does not win the Primer, then it will be very difficult to get to the Champions zone.
Main Favorites of the Current Season
Barcelona is a team with a good number of leaders. The squad has a lot of experience, and they can play at a high level.
Messi has already managed to win several trophies, and he is now the main favorite of the current Champions League season. The Argentine player has already scored a lot, and his success is due to his excellent selection of partners.
Barça has a high probability of getting into the playoffs, and if it manages to get there, then the team could be considered as one of the main favorites of the Champions Cup.
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Where to Find the Results of Celta’ Games
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· La Liga;
· • Copa Del Rey;

·• UEFA Champions League;
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